Andrew Wakefield re: new measles variants

Elizabeth Jenks • 13 October 2021
Unit #3 — Vaccine Injury and Compensation

Here is a link the paper regarding a new measles D4 variant which is not neutralized by the antibodies generated by vaccination.
If this strain were to become the dominant strain in the U.S. it would be devastating because our population is almost all vaccinated.
Thanks to universal vaccination, the citizens of the US are basically “naive” virgins to escape mutants of measles.
I can almost never share a video without watching it again myself. 
Dr. Wakefield is an excellent speaker.
Some other topics he covered (that I can recall)
- false premises upon which measles vaccination was introduced
- primary, secondary, and tertiary vaccine failure
- concepts of herd immunity and shifting vulnerability of disease burden to more vulnerable age groups
- inability of measles vaccination to afford infants passive measles protection from mother’s breast milk (more dangerous for infants to experience a measles infection)
- inability of vaccinated persons to donate plasma for immune globulin therapy for persons with agammaglobulinemia
- subsequent booster vaccinations inability to produce meaningful “protection”
(Bernadette Pager wrote a paper about how a 3rd measles booster generates inferior short lived “boosting” and yet booster MMR are being promoted if I am not mistaken)
By all means listen to the questions after this talk- I accidentally did and the first question is from a person from IPAK. He points out that RNA viruses (covid-19 anyone?) mutate much faster than DNA viruses and therefore 6 of current vaccines using that logic (and some other stuff) are already likely expired/ defunct. 
Ironically for me- I listened to this again but failed to hear a section where Dr. Wakefield mentioned that circulating wild measles virus boosts everyone’s natural immunity. Pretty sure I did not make that up so it must have been another talk.