Mercury, Vaccines Revealed Episode 3, & Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Elizabeth Jenks • 3 November 2021
Unit #5 — How and Why Information is Hidden

I am so excited to find the entire Vaccines Revealed series available on Brighteon.

Don’t have the willpower to re-watch this entire episode this evening but this is the one where Robert F. Kennedy discusses the Burbacher study (hope I am spelling this name correctly).

My summary, NOT VERBATIM, starting at about the 16 minute mark

Numerous vaccines added to schedule after the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act= vaccine “gold rush”.

Not only are vaccines shielded from liability but there is also no legal discovery, plus Congress made vaccines very easy to bring to market. 

1989= beginning of epidemic of neurologic disorders: ADD/ ADHD, speech delay, Tics, misery disorder, narcolepsy, Tourette’s syndrome, seizure disorder, also anaphylaxis, food allergies, asthma, and autism/ ASD as the vaccine schedule expanded

1989= “Gateway year”

DRAMATIC increase in exposure of children to injected mercury and no one ever did a mass loading analysis. 

Mercury exposure for a typical American child went from 70 mcg per child before age 2 to 237 mcg.

Environmental exposure- what’s something almost everyone is exposed to (except Amish, typically)
Numerous environmental exposures to mercury: fish, coal burning fire plants, amalgam fillings- many studies show mercury causes it (autism)

Has to be an environmental toxin because genes do not cause epidemics.

What’s an exposure that persons of ALL races and socioeconomic status have?

Mercury affects boys 4:1 more than girls

Mercury can lead to mitochondrial disorders which can trigger autism.

No product except nuclear power plants has a liability shield like vaccines. 

CDC conundrum:
Everyone knows mercury in fish is bad for you.
Methyl mercury in fish definitely causes problems in babies.
How can we be telling pregnant mothers not to eat fish but then inject them and their babies with products containing mercury. 
Called Kathleen Stratton (chief managers at IOM) & Dr. Paul Offit- and given the same old “industry canard”
The ethyl mercury in vaccines is not as toxic as the methyl mercury in fish because it leaves the body faster. 
The science that shows that? 
2004 Pichiero: ethyl mercury disappears from the blood in about a week whereas methyl mercury stayed in the blood X 54 days. Superficially support rapid excretion thesis.
But where did the mercury go? 
2 years later Thomas Burbacher did studies on Macaque monkeys comparing injected ethyl mercury and methyl mercury in food exposures.
The monkeys exposed to the ethyl mercury rapidly showed no mercury in their blood but, upon autopsy the monkeys exposed to the ethyl mercury had high levels of mercury in their brains.
Rather than showing safety this showed that ethyl mercury was extraordinarily dangerous BECAUSE it very rapidly left the blood to enter directly into the brain.
Burbacher’s study showed that the ethyl mercury metabolized into organic mercury which is the really toxic kind that causes terrible inflammation and brain damage. 
Ethyl mercury metabolizes twice as quickly into organic mercury and persists in the brain twice as long.
2 years later an Italian scientist, Tozi found that ethyl mercury was 50X more toxic to the brain as methyl mercury. 
Offit’s response- we know that mercury in vaccines is excreted very quickly (citing Pichiero). When asked about the Burbacher study Offit said well, really there’s a “mosaic of studies” but never got back to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. with any other specific science. 
Kathleen Stratton admitted mercury was bad and so therefore it would be taken out of all vaccines. (Except that it wasn’t) 

Further discussion re: the Simpsonwood meeting
Email trail during the next 1.5 years re: how can we do new studies that won’t show what the Verstraeten study shows.

IOM had said link between vaccines, thimerosal, and autism is biologically plausible and asked CDC to do toxicological, biological, clinical, animal studies but instead CDC went to foreign countries and performed epidemiological studies rather than toxicological and took advantage of changing autism reporting requirements. Prior to 1993 cases were only reported to the Danish Government if there was an “in house” hospitalization (permanent hospitalization due to severe disability). After 1993 all cases of autism were reported to the government so instead of only the most severe cases being reported to the government- ALL cases of autism were reported to the Danish government. This made it appear that cases of autism went “up” after thimerosal was removed from vaccines but it was really only a reporting change.
CHD sued to depose William Thompson but he is not allowed to speak publicly.

Public cannot believe that the CDC would lie to them regarding vaccine safety but a similar comparison can be made to the Catholic Church protecting pedophile priests. NFL concussion scandal is another example. This phenomenon known as “Semmelweis Effect”- (tells Semmelweis story).

Lack of public debate keeps the entire vaccine orthodoxy going. (This was before the current insane censorship). It’s all very misogynistic- demonize the parents of the vaccine injured, especially the mothers. Perfectly normal children suddenly becoming severely neurologically handicapped has never happened before in history but instead the parents of these children are dismissed as crackpots. This is what happens anywhere there is an orthodoxy- ultimately they are cruel. “Obey CDC”. 

Previously JFK, Jr’s organization “World Mercury Project” now “Children’s Health Defense”.