“Vaccine Syndrome” documentary

Elizabeth Jenks • 4 November 2021
Unit #5 — How and Why Information is Hidden

In looking up Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s discussion of mercury in the “Vaccines Revealed” Documentary series, I finally stumbled back across one of the most disturbing vaccine documentaries I have ever watched- “Vaccine Syndrome”. 
Previously I had recalled incorrectly that the documentary “Direct Orders” contained specifics regarding how vaccines could result in Gulf War Syndrome- no. 
Here is a link to the documentary “Vaccine Syndrome” and my transcription (to the best of my ability of the discussion regarding specific mechanisms by which the anthrax vaccine puts members of our nation’s military continuously in harm’s way. 


It sounds like the narrator is describing ADE.
As a veteran my anger and sorrow does no good but this is what medical providers don’t know- what else happens other than so called “protective antibodies” getting made after a vaccine is injected. 

“Soldiers get a series of 5 (anthrax vaccine) shots plus an annual booster because the vaccine does not result in immunity. 
It can cause unsafe antibodies that their immune system must kill off.
Expired doses of the vaccine are so carcinogenic that they are disposed of in furnaces hot enough to melt steel.

Soil bacteria like anthrax are important to the cycle of life. They liquefy and dispose of dead animals.
When soil bacteria get into a snake’s saliva glands, it ferments into venom.

APA= anthrax protective antigen
APA, an exotoxin just like snake venom is the key ingredient in all anthrax vaccines.
It is the slime that anthrax secretes to protect itself.
It is very clever and can commandeer cell proteins for it’s own purposes.

Squalene, a fat compound that synthesizes hormones cholesterol and vitamin D, was added to the anthrax vaccine to make the tiny APA more visible. 
Unfortunately, together they appear to be a cell with cell proteins bound to it.
APA is able to signal for furin to activate it. 
Think of furin as a scissor.
It activates growth factors by cutting a critical protein that starts a chain reaction.

Macrophage means “big eater”.
Y-shaped memory B-cells attach to the cell wall and catch antigens for the macrophage to eat, but anthrax protective antigen is smaller and able to out-maneuver the B-cells.
Squalene aligned APA signals the enzyme cleaving protein, furin, to cut off it’s top. 
7 APAs form a normal cell pore landing pad, capable of receiving signaling proteins.
This Trojan horse is full of it’s own agents.
(This makes a little more sense when one is watching the film. APA is smaller than memory B-cells and able to attach to binding sites on cell walls thereby BLOCKING memory B-cells. This prevents macrophages from attacking infected cells- I think)

APA sends in the anthrax edema factor first.
It builds a cyclic AMP factory that converts fat to starch and then into sugar water.
APA takes over the docking sites and gets to work to protect anthrax, not you.

APA releases 2 anthrax lethal factor proteins.
They trigger a normal but fatal demolition process.
Once the cell wall collapses, the anthrax bacteria can feed and multiply.

APA is made of the D isomer of glutamic acid, instead of the L-form found in amino acids found in proteins and if passing T-cells recognize that furin is involved in an illegal activity with an antigen, they will make antibodies to furin because they can’t make antibodies to APA.

Furin activates Nerve Growth Factor. 
Deprived of NGF, severe depression and schizophrenia can occur.

Furin activates transforming growth factor Beta-1.
Without this rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, tendon rupture, giant cell arteritis, and Takayama arteritis would result.

Without furin to activate parathyroid hormone, the body would develop chronic fatigue syndrome.

Furin activates Beta-secretase and gonadotropin.
Without either hormone glands like the prostate, scrotum, breast, and ovaries will malfunction resulting in burning semen syndrome and cysts.

Without furin to activate von Willebrand factor, chronic skin, hair, tear gland, saliva gland problems would develop.  

Furin activates effector T cells to produce tumor necrosis factor alpha-1, essential to the rapid response component of the immune system, which prevents metastatic cancers.

Furin is required to activate suppression T cells.
Without suppressor T cells, antinuclear antibodies will not be controlled leading to autoimmune diseases of healthy tissues.

When the anthrax vaccine causes furin sequestering antibodies, it can lead to all the Gulf War Syndrome diseases and Gulf War Neurological illness as well as birth defects.

In the summer of 2012 the Obama administration allocated 1.2 billion dollars for trials of the anthrax vaccine on 2 year old children and the elderly.

The fact was that antibiotics proved to be successful in treating weapons grade inhalation anthrax.

Inexpensive, doxycycline is now the recommended drug of choice, because of the side effects of cipro.

Quotes from President Obama

Indeed all of us, every single one of us, have a profound responsibility to every soldier, sailor, airman, marine, and coastguardsman who puts their life on the line for America. 

Tonight let us speak with one voice in reaffirming that our nation is united in support of our troops and their families.

We have succeeded in defending our nation, taking the fight to our enemies, reducing the number of Americans in harm’s way, and we have restored America’s global leadership.”

Failure to repeal Executive Order 13139 (originally signed by Bill Clinton) means that our military members are subject to vaccination for anthrax to this day.

As far as I know, I was not personally administered this vaccine- at least I don’t see it on my military records.

Just some info from google re: what effector T cells are: 

Effector T cells are the key players in steering the immune responses to execute immune functions. While effector T cells were initially identified to be immune promoting, recent studies unraveled negative regulatory functions of effector T cells in modulating adaptive as well as innate immunity.
What are 2 types of effector T cells? 
In the immune system, effector cells are the relatively short-lived activated cells that defend the body in an immune response. Effector B cells are called plasma cells and secrete antibodies, and activated T cells include cytotoxic T cells and helper T cells, which carry out cell-mediated responses.