Our Mission

The mission of The Vaccine Course is to give people and health providers a comprehensive, evidence-based education around the safety and efficacy of vaccines so that they can make informed vaccine choices and recommendations.

In our view, vaccination is a valid medical procedure that can reduce infectious disease morbidity and mortality. However, most people in developed countries experience intensive immune system manipulation through vaccines especially before age 18. In many cases, the combination of immune system manipulation and several intoxicants vaccines contain leads to allergies, autoimmune diseases and early brain damage. 

The course will concentrate on items not generally known about vaccines and, in particular, on the problems with vaccines and vaccine administration programs. For the benefits of vaccination, please see the CDC website.

Who Should Attend

You should attend if you are:

  • a health professional accountable for administering or advising others on the safety and efficacy of vaccines
  • a parent faced with choosing whether to vaccinate or which vaccines to administer to your child
  • an adult investigating whether to get a vaccination
  • a person committed to a healthy population who is interested in learning the latest science behind vaccination

Two Competing Views

The prevailing view of vaccination is that vaccines:

  • have saved humanity from the scourge of infectious diseases
  • confer great benefits everywhere in the world they are administered
  • have some common, mild side effects (like a sore arm) plus some serious but extremely rare side effects and, finally
  • the great benefits vastly outweigh the rare drawbacks.

In contrast to this lopsided view, the alternative view used in Vaccine Course is distinct in these ways:

  • we present data showing that most of the reduction of infectious disease morbidity and mortality in industrialized countries was achieved through improvements in clean water, reduction of overcrowding and better nutrition — all of which occurred before widespread use of vaccines
  • the number of vaccine side effects is much higher than is currently acknowledged 
  • the poor health of US children (1 in 6 have a chronic disability (CDC)) is likely due in large part to immune system damage caused by over vaccination 
  • people are not giving informed consent because many of the problem with vaccines are minimized or denied outright.

After presenting information ranging from vaccine injury compensation programs to the latest science on vaccine-induce autism and vaccine-induced autoimmune diseases, the final unit of the course presents several potential ways forward now that we are beginning to have a more accurate view of vaccination.

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